BCB a "British style Brass Band" is now five years old!!

On 10.08.12 Berlin Concert Brass merged with BerlinBrassBand. We are particularly pleased that the experienced conductor, David Rodeschini, was as enthusiastic about Brass Bands as we are. Our International players from at least 8 nations we had at our first rehearsal on 13.09.2012 enjoy together weekly rehearsals. A special joy it is to be able to represent the music school Neukölln, since September 2014, 

Currently there are a few chairs unoccupied - Please get in touch with us if you have a desire to try your brass instrument or percussion / percussion skills.

After our first concerts in Berlin - in Passion Church, the festen Scheune in Berlin-Buch, and the Emmaus Church and our first competitions in Chemnitz and Bad Kissingen we especially enjoyed with many other English bands together in to musisieren Whit Friday march contests (here a youtube impression of walking march).

On 18.12.2014 we have festive, merry celebrated together with the Flintstones Big Band a double Christmas concert and 18.04. our spring concert playing at Emmaus Church for our great audience. Very enjoyed we have the concert with welcoming audience in Wismar on 14/06/2015. Next we went on 12.07.2015 on the estate Britz with a short, brisk contribution to the Summer Festival of Music School Neukölln. Our autumn tour in 2015 brought us great experiences with highlights in our community concerts in Switzerland with the Rosalp Brass Band and the Allgäu with the District Youth Orchestra Kaufbeuren. A special highlight for the band was the Spring Concert 2016 with a Tuba Concerto (Sven Erichson played the Ellerby Concerto for Tuba) and the world premiere of a piece of our time-hornist Abigail Sanders. A particularly close connection to a wonderful audience we experienced in June 2016 our first concert in a horse barn, as guests in Old Jassewitz - this wonderful evening with a barbecue was rounded off by a sunny concert in the historic culture mussel of Boltenhagen on the following day.



BCB vor der Emmauskirche, 2015 (Photo R. Schwarzherz)


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